Inside And Outside Scars

My scars are inside and out. Once I got to old for him, I became his punching bag.

Innocent young girl
Forced to grow up too fast
Never talked to a stranger
Always did what she was told
Her pride ripped away
Thought she could trust him
After all, he was her Adoptive Dad
"You can never tell anyone" he would say
"It's a secret game" he told her
And she believed
She Trusted him with her lif
With her innocence
Her mother never suspected or at least she hopes
That her little girl was more of a woman
Than she should have been
She had already lost her most precious gift
Her innocence
Never could she feel whole
Never could she feel clean
She didn't realize the hell she would be living the rest of her life
Because she trusted
Trust would never again be an easy word
Growing up lacking self-esteem
Feeling dirty
But she never asked for it
Never wanted it
Now as an adult she thinks back
Nothing could have prevented it
She didn't know it was wrong
Still she feels dirty
Unworthy of so much
No real childhood
Few happy memories can overpower the bad
So much she wants to do
But so little she feels can be accomplished
Living her life Day by day
Clinging to the good memories
And praying to forget
Her loss of innocence
Livinginpeace Livinginpeace
41-45, F
4 Responses Apr 27, 2012

i am adopted had bad childhood to hugs to u sweetiexxxxxxx

Even thugh I went through hell as a child, it made me whom I am today.

went through the same thing as a child,i know your pain !!

Oh honey you poor thing. :(