Coolest/ Scariest Scar Story. Finished

I've got loads of scars, thank god I'm a man and don't worry about my appearance that much. But last summer while out on the canoe with my 7 year old in a nice clear spring run I lost a fishing lure and decided to put on a mask and snorkel to retrieve it. Bad choice!  I was hit by what can only be described as a large 4x4 up side my head. When I reached up to feel what was on my head all I felt was teeth, large Gator teeth. The gator was trying to bite my ****** head off. So in the split second that this was happening I was able to get the gator to off my head cutting a thumb and a finger in the process. I came up out of the water only to see my son 15 feet behind me in the water. I yelled for him to get back to the canoe and I followed. Apon reaching the bank I asked my son if he saw any blood which he did and started to freak a bit , "dad your going to die ,ect", I grabbed a shirt to apply pressure to slow bleeding, got him and myself back in canoe and paddled back upsteam a ways for help. I ended up with over 50 stitches from my temple to the base of my neck, 20 staples in my scalp, broken bone under my eye, and stitches to my hands and shoulder. I'm glad to say I'm fine and my son seems no worse for the experience. A couple of days latter the state trapper caught and killed a 9"2"  gator from the area I was attacked. I was able to get the head.   I have been in the water countless time and will continue to. Just have a little more respect for mother nature and big *** gators. If your not scared to drive on the road don't worry about anything else. 
Notok Notok
46-50, M
May 5, 2012