Left My Leg Completely Deformed...

When I was thirteen, I was sitting in my mom's car with my feet on the dash, playing with a lighter I had found on the ground. I was with my eleven year old brother and one year old sister waiting for my mom to get something from her office. I felt something warm, looked down, and panicked. I had set my frayed jeans on fire. I tried to blow it out, but it wouldn't stop. It spread from my ankle to my thigh in seconds. I screamed in panic when I couldn't get the fire out. People ask me today, "Why didn't you stop, drop and roll?" Believe me, that's the last thing you're going to think about when actually on fire. My first instinct was to get out of the car and run in circles, screaming. It was a fascinating sight, I'm certain... My mom heard my screams, but assumed I was fighting with my brother or there was a bee. She met my brother on the way out of the building, who was possibly panicking worse than I. By the time my mom had gotten to me and put the fire out with her hand, my skin had completely melted away and the meat on my leg was COOKED (not to be graphic...). I was in shock. I could barely feel it. I let myself be carried into my house while my mom took off my pants and ran ice water over my leg. Obviously, it did no good. On the way to the hospital, I laid in the back of my mom's minivan screaming, holding my brother's hand. Finally at the hospital, of course they took hours to see me. I kicked and screamed in misery. It was one of the worst pains I've ever felt. So horrible that I only remember it vaguely.
Three surgeries later, I look basically normal. I still have no feeling in my right leg, but I'm lucky to be able to walk on it and function.
Do me a favor, and don't play with fire :)
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Ouchies, I'm sorry that happened but your def lucky as it could have been much much worse :(<br />
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I've done some stupid things and luckily nothing major other than some typical lil marks, wich I thought were bad but obviously now I understand!<br />
<br />
And yes I've seen people catch on fire and I know as well as you do that stopping is the last thing you think of.....I mean uncontrolled fire usually makes people panic