I Have A Big Scar On My Face

I was bit by a dog when I was three. Because it was so large and I was so young, I've needed corrective surgeries until I was 14 due to deformation of my mouth and nose as my face grew.
I fancy myself as very pretty and have grown to like my scar. :)
It's given me trouble in school, but nothing ever too serious. I've managed to lead a normal life.
For this, I thank the universe because I have had unique experiences in my life due to my facial differences.
HaileyWolf HaileyWolf
18-21, F
1 Response May 9, 2012

OMG WOW! I was bit by a dog when i was four and it ripped my cheek off and i have a big y shaped scar on my face I have had it all my life and also have grown to like my scar :) do you have a e-mail i can reach you at?