It's On My Heart

Not all scars are visible, some are deep inside, not showing where others may see, until they are in your heart.
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Those heart scars hurt the worst but stand to remind us that we are humans capable of experiencing a full range of emotions including love, joy, happiness, sadness, anger, and hurt. I hope your heart soon! xxxxx

Although not part of your circle, I too understand about scars and their aftereffects. I hold inside what I do not wish others to see - that I am damaged goods. Thank you for writing this truth.

Those are the worst kind of scars - those that are invisible and never quite heal.

I, too have scars. Some will never fully heal. The joy is in learning to move with and around them.

Scars are by nature a "healed" but damaged part of us. I also feel it is in learning to move with them on us that allows us to move forward. Take care.

i have one on my heart too :(

I believe more of us have them than don't, I hope you are learning, or have learned to deal with yours. Take care.

i havent unfortunately. you take care too sir

Hiya shooter :) I believe that allllll scars make us stronger, wiser and better able to carry on in the future. I have a couple of scars on my heart too, but it holds together well and is not afraid to try again. Love in all forms overcomes alllll of the challenges of life and brings joy, happiness and contentment. We will all be ok :) x

Wow! I really really like quote! <3

Wow! I really really like that Quote! &lt;3

My scars have been frequent and unfortunately due to not very good choices I've made in realationships over the years. I love poetry and when I write it, somehow it eases pain. Scar tissue damage from major surgery never really heals permanently so I don't know why we think it would regarding life issues either. As we make better choices, these issues do however with time make all of us stronger. Nothing was ever promised that everything in life would be easy which is probably a good thing in a lot of ways, because what then would we learn from. It's extremely difficult at the time though and you can take that from someone who knows.

I agree 100% with what you said. It's been know for a very long time that this is the case. Even a Roman General in the 1st century BC said "The Pain of the mind is worse than the pain of the body." Not much has changed in over 2000 years.

this is excellent! i wrote a poem about my scars too:)

I don't know of anyone that doesn't have some, somewhere. Is your poetry online?

some of it! in my blogs and in a few of my stories.....but i dont have the scars one's a lil too...i d'know..cheesy sounding..too happy or something lol

So tru indeed...

May you find someone who eases the hurt of those scars...although they never fully go away. Trust me, I know...

Oh, trust me, I know too.

They are the worst scars and sometimes never heal.

While they heal over, the scar always remains, and yes, they are the worst kind to get.

I have been there i wrote about it but i use my hurt to help others,