My Scar

I got my scar from a fight with some guy that tried to mug me. I carry a cold steel RECON 1 folding knife that is very sharp but that's besides the point  he came up to me and pulled his out and told me to give him my money I told him no you'll have to force it from me(that"s the plan) he says.while thrusting his blade at me I'm twisting and turning taking my blade out and slicing his arm clean open(the arm not holding the knife) he comes back with his knife slicing my cheek leaving a 3in scar going from the bottom of my cheek to my for I move and turn again thrusting my blade into his thigh and tearing the blade out causing him to fall down to the ground and enough time for me run and fix my wound but I still have this big scar
martya219 martya219
18-21, M
May 22, 2012