Under Naiviety's Mercy

Some mornings, I'm angry I have woken up. Not for the reason that I wanted a lie in or to fend off my ever growing fatigue... It’s purely because I wish I hadn’t woken up at all, from the peaceful abyss of absent dreams or surreal worlds that only the depths of my vivid imagination can unconsciously fabricate and conjure up.
I describe my imagination as vivid because it sometimes gets the best of me even when awake and I describe my emotions to waking up as anger because I must face the alternating world that tears me from blissful naive imagination. In this world I only face pain, sometimes a glimmer of happiness breaks this constant agonizing pattern, only to be torn away again and to leave me wishing that the happiness never occurred so that I would have nothing and no one to envy.
nothingbutnumb nothingbutnumb
18-21, F
Aug 12, 2012