I have three prominent scars, maybe more...

-the one on my tummy that looks like a tummy-tuck or Cesarian- I lie and tell people it's the first
-the one on my forearm that looks like I got cut by a knife (sorta did, don't talk about that)
-the one from my butt crack to the middle of my back up the center, from surgery

the others are minor so people can't tell or don't know. People always ask me about the one on my arm, though. I guess they think I got in a fight.

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do people treat you differently because of your scars? do kind people and nasty people reveak themselves by the way they react to your scars?

No, sometimes they make me uncomfortable though by asking how I got one, because its difficult to tell. Occasionally, very occasionally, they say something like (paraphrased), 'how did a nice girl like you ever get that scar?' By 'nice,' what do they mean? Attractive, good, responsible? I don't know how to answer, so I give them an evasive response...

by 'nice' they mean 'someone who doesn't deserve it'. i hope i'm wrong and i wish people would be less the way your stories are great. please keep on writing.

Before I reached 4 years old I had 20 procedures done, mainly on my brain, the majority of which were life saving.

In fact my parents were told to pray that I die as the quality of my life would be so poor.

They were wrong coz I'm having a blast.

It's a miracle that I'm here at all.


Oh, its so refreshing to hear that you weathered it... Hugs n kisses to you

I got lucky I guess, Janie.


Whoever told your parents that were idiots. They should have never passed it on...

I have a surgical scar at the wrist of my left hand from a fall I took almost 15 years ago. Fortunately, I'm right handed, so I lucked out. Unfortunately, the timing couldn't have been worse. It happened exactly three weeks after my family buried my grandfather and one week after my 22nd birthday.

Yup, luck is fickle.


Scars happen in life. I have several, but I did lots of recreational sports. I also have a surgical scar at the top of my bum crack. It was for removing a cyst.

Bare Hugs

Yes, I know. Mine come from my youthful silliness, weak muscles which are heredity, and my background, which is pretty rough.

Sorry about a rough background and I know that must have been difficult.
However, youth and silliness makes scars. Those are the scars you love to show off.

Bare Hugs

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