The Lamest Scar Ever

I've got a little scar on the inside of my left knee - just a white raised line, 1/4 inch long and 1/8 thick. Since I'm fair-skinned anyway, you really have to look for it. When I forget which leg it's on, I simply feel for it. It feels like a little dash in my skin.

I'd like to tell people I got this scar heroically, tragically, excitingly, thoughtfully - anything better than "I was six and I wasn't looking where I was going so a nail went through it."

My mom has a scar similar in size, though not placement. She says when she was a girl and moving out of the house, her cousins were jumping off the roof onto the refrigerator, which was outside. She jumped after them, and one of the connectors stabbed into her leg when she landed.

*That* is an exciting, BA scar story. Mine is not.

There was a wardrobe in my parents' room when I was six. There was also a nail sticking out of it, which they didn't know about. Until one day when, in an agony of boredom, I leaned against the wardrobe while complaining to my mother about how bored I was. The nail sank into my leg.

I actually don't remember the pain, just how loudly I screamed. And I do remember my mother consoling me on the sofa once my leg was cleaned bandaged, as my father pulled the nail out of the wardrobe and threw it away.

Yawn. If you've read this far, you clearly find my scar more interesting than I do.
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1 Response Sep 16, 2012

I have read this far just to see where you were going with the story... No offence, but this just sounds to me like a spoiled brat's story... You should be happy it doesn't show and you should be happy you get the chance to forget it's there.
I am glad for you that it's not a BA scar, because then you might have had to deal with BA scar problems...

No offense taken, and I apologize if it ended up a waste of your time. I was just trying to be humorous about the scar, but it looks like I did a rather poor job at that, in retrospect. At any rate, I am grateful that it's so small and I do realize could have been much worse. Thanks for commenting anyway.

I am sorry if I came across harsh. I guess I'm a bit edgy when it comes to this subject.