Lucia And Me.

One day i was babysitting my three year old cousin Lucia. We were laying on the couch watching barbie princess, and i was holding her in my arms.
Lucia:Han-han, what are these?*points at my wrist*
Me:Theyre battle scars.
Lucia:From what?
Me:From a very bad war that never hould have happened.
Lucia:Oh. Well, my mommy has battle scars too. She told me that theyre secrets on her skin.
Me:Yes, they are. Theyre secret battle scars.
Lucia:I dont want you to have anymore han-han.
Me:I know baby, i dont either.*kisses her head*
Lucia:*grabs my wrist and touches the scars*Han-han, i love you.
Me:I love you too honey.
Lucia:*kisses my scars* they still make you beautiful. You and mommy are beautifulest girls in the world.
Me:Oh sweetie, thank you. *hugs her*

After that i went into the bathroom and cried and called her mom and told her. She cried too and said that Lucia is special and so caring. My baby cousin has touched my heart, andi pray to God she will never have battle scars.
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Hi I´m babysitting to, tthe last two weaks, when the kid is asleep, i **** in several naughty locations on the house...behind the couch, on the carpet, back of the couch,
the wall behind the couch...and a few more locations, to insane to write here openly about..
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This made me cry! So sweet :') hope youre okay <3