The Scars I Have

I have one scar that it is clearly visible, since it is in my face :/ It is of a time, when I burned my self in a fire accident, luckily its little, and white, some friends (when I first met them) thought it was like a milk spill that I hadn't clean off. Lets say for now that that is the nice scar. My bad scars are in my arms, near my hip and in my calves. Those I made them to my self, where no one can see then. They are the scars I held of so many lost hopes, dreams, and over pressure. I have not gone to any doctor of sorts to consult about this, so I can't really say that I have depression, for I my self don't know. But the shameful truth is that I have cut myself. And even as ashamed as I am, and as much as I hate to admit it, I keep doing it, over and over again, I see my self bleed. And well, eventually those cuts form to scars that will never leave me alone. Not anymore.
Sagata Sagata
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Im in the same boat.
If you ever need someone to talk to, or even just be stupid funny to try distracting you from everything, just let me know. You've helped me so much, you honestly helped more than you know, and for that I sincerely owe you my life. I'm ALWAYS here for you, so please come to me if you need anything and I'll do everything I can. :)

Thank you Devin :) I know i can count on you.


sound like me

Wow you self harmed? I never figured you did.

i may seem happy, but that's just half of me.

I do sense depression in you at times.

I don't know, I sometimes try to hold it in, but at times I just explode and it starts to kind of leak out... I wrote some time ago a poem called the mask, search it in my stories, I have really never expressed better in my life than that poem.

I've already read it. You let out strong emotions in it.

The thing is that it is way easier to express over the internet, don't know why, probably because I don't have to confront face to face with the person that knows almost everything.... You get me right? My mother thinks that I have only cut my self once, and believes that I haven't long since, she started crying, and I don't want to see her, ever again like that...

Yeah I'm the same way. Much easier. I hate it when my mother criesdue to my stupidity so J avoid cutting and stuff like that.


Many typos in that last post o.o sorry about that.

Don't worry. :)

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