My Best Scar Story...

I fell off my skateboard trying to do a 720 kick flip off a half pipe with my eyes closed and I broke my leg, now I have 2 metal pins in my leg and 2 was extremely stupid but it was really fun...
TeddybearMel TeddybearMel
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2 Responses Dec 5, 2012

I got my scars on a skateboard too. I fell off my skateboard after trying a new trick on a half pipe and ended up breaking my elbow in three places. Needed four surgeries. Needless to say I no longer skateboard. lol

Ouch that sounds painful. I still go skateboarding but if my mum finds out she's gonna kill me lol. I'm thinking about swapping my skateboard for a bmx, my friends seem to think that's safer

good story

Thanks :)