While I was working for this company in my early twenties I was working as an order assembler. This job pertained to putting product on a conveyor belt and then packing it at the other end and tagging it to go where it needed to be shipped. This was a slow process as the conveyor belt moved slow and had an eye at the other end to shut it down when product reached it. This one particular night I was schedualed overtime unless I did a certain number of pieces. I did not want to work overtime as I had already been doing all week. I had a small order at the far end of the belt so I decided to push it down on top of the moving conveyor belt. As I was pushing it to the end I pushed it past the eye on accident and the belt never shut off. The problem with this was that the conveyor would not shut off and my hand slipped off the product and into the spindles rotating it. Luckily I was wearing gloves and as the conveyor started pulling my hand around it only got my pinky finger into it and it also caught the glove as my hand slipped out of the glove and the belt. It had consiquently broke my pinky finger and needed surgery. To make a long story shorter the first doctor to do surgery was a quack and I had to go to another doctor for two more consecutive surgeries to fix what the other doctor had done to me. I now have a screwed up pinky finger and three scars from surgeries on it.
Jessica1967 Jessica1967
41-45, T
Jan 15, 2013