Love Is Blind is great but it can also kill u i thought i was inlove i thought he love me forever like he.ced but.i guess not i was blind an he took over....ran over...steped on like i was a mat an people sa become friends then lovers it dont work i new him all my life we grew up together an he still but me nope i call him a lesson learned never will i give my heart to a guy i thought it was love but no i was blind an whn most ppl see abuse in a relationship an they tell them selves that will never b me thats no true i had to learn the hard way he still calls he found me in facebook but i cn sa now i was once blind but now i c an im not at my best but id rather be alone thn with lies,pain and hate
darkangel18 darkangel18
18-21, F
Jan 17, 2013