Family B The One To Use U

My family i l love them it's just that when they broke they call but when they gt money they don't call tile they broke they ask u for money buggy don't pay it back but when i ask it's always i ain't gt an this is Wats mostly pi**ing me off my gradma died on 2002 she was sick but she had family on her mind uncle in jail both of them my aunt whn she use to live with my grandma my grandma gt to the point where she could not stand up so whn my aunt fix food she didnt feed my grandma so my grandma calls my mom an we bring her some food it went on for weeks tile my mom was tired an came to my aunt my aunt tryd to walk away my mom snatched her up then my grandma gt worse she could not breath on her own she we took her to the Hospital an they ceap her then i started to think about my family i noticed we never took a picture together as a family we have one now but we holding a picture of my grandmai told myself it was too late an at the funeral my aunt broke down she jumped in the casket with my grandma crying falling to her knees wat also messed up my uncle didnt come to his mama funeral he went to somebodys else funeral i love my grandma but id rather for her to b an angel than to be dwn here with ppl who dont care your own flesh in blood an now the way they treated my brandma they try to treat my mom like that but im noy going to loose my mom.over flesh no an this ks not a threats this is a promise to this day i still cry i never had the chance to sa bye i couldnt even c her in the Hospital cuz they ced i was too small bt i was 8 an i new wat was going on an i no my mom tryd to hide but it didnt work i saw right throught her an now there is a scar in my heart that wont heel a very deep scar that drains black blood
darkangel18 darkangel18
18-21, F
Jan 17, 2013