Head Banging

Despite the misleading title, what used to happen to me when I was a young child was that I could never bring myself to fall with my hands in front of me. Instead, I would use the thickest component of my body and just fall headfirst into anything that was in front of me.

I fell quite a few times. I fell in front of my grandfather, I went against the corner of a wall while chasing my aunt, went bull's horn against a wall and even had a car door edge slammed right into my forehead. Despite these morbid experiences, they were all accidental and I still have the scars because I never got stitches. They stand as a memento of my young childhood, possibly forever.

I've also bit my tongue once and it was quite ugly. It was during a physical education class and all thanks to a creep who bullied me, but I am sure he got some hell of a scare when he saw the blood coming out of my mouth. I had to get a stitch for that, and it was quite scary... But at least it healed up just fine, and I never got to see the guy again since.
Daggerfall Daggerfall
18-21, M
Jan 18, 2013