I used to be a cutter for about 3 years. I'm so ushamed of my scars. I wish they would just vanished. People instantly judge me when they see them. I regret it. But I obviously can't take them back. They constantly remind me of my struggles..making it hard to forget. I used to worry about finding someone who will love me even though I have scars. And now that I finally have someone..I'mconstantly thinking he secretly judges me and thinks I'm crazy
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1 Response Jan 20, 2013

my ex was a cutter too and was afraid of how i would react when she showed me her scars when she finally did show me i took her wrist gave it a kiss and told her how much i loved her. she said she was so afraid i would think she was crazy or something. if anything it made me love her more. i made her uncover her scars as much as possible around me to show her it was ok. dont be afraid they are part of what makes you who you are, we all have scars inside and out and the right person will love you more because of them