I Have A Few Scars Actually

I have one on my hand from when i was a kid. I was playing in the garden and I tried to balance on those pointed terracotta garden edgings that go around the edge near the footpath. I fell down and one of the spikes sliced my palm open and I needed to get stitches.

Another time I was really upset. I went to my room and smashed a mirror and that's how I got the scar on top of my other hand near my knuckles. You can't really see that one any more, not unless you really look carefully. I always notice it, but that's probably because I know to look for it.

The worst scar I have is on the stomach. I did it to myself and wish that I didn't.

I have a few little scars here and there as well. there's one on my shin from when I fell off the horse, and a few little ones on my arms and legs because I do dumb things sometimes and am accident prone. I jumped off a rope swing too early once and got smacked with branches. One of them got stuck in my skin and it hurt like crazy. Now I have a little dot scar where it penetrated me. It makes me remember the summer, so it isn't all bad =)
tierney95 tierney95
18-21, F
Jan 26, 2013