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Big Scars!

Well, I've got really big scars. The most obvious one is all around my head. I had brain surgery, during the surgery I ruptured an aneurysm on the opposite side...what was supposed to be an L shaped scar became a scar around my head...I wear my hair in a buzz cut, to doesn't bother bothers others, but that's not my problem! And I have scars on my breasts from cosmetic surgery. NO, not breast implants. Breast REDUCTION. And some other scars here and there, gotten as a child...nothing like my head scar, though...
indigofem1 indigofem1 46-50, F 1 Response Feb 3, 2013

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Thanks for sharing this story. I went through a couple of years with my ex wife, who had in total 5 aneurisms of the brain. When we first found out she had them she was pregnant with my last daughter and we nearly lost both of them. Luckily they both survived and are doing well.

5 aneurysms? Wow!!! Is she ok, now?

To my knowledge she is living a happy existence in the UK somewhere.

Glad to hear it but sorry you're not together,'s a *****...

Yes it is, but I have the children and am happy for the gift of them.

Children are a wonderful thing!

Though at times sent to try us but that's another story


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