I Have Many Scars, Behind Which All Tell A Story..

I have a scar on my right arm. One that i can nit look at without a crying. It is a scar from a bruise. It is mental. But still there. I refuse to get shots i. This arm do to the fact it will bring back the physical pain. The bruise was out there by my deceased fiancé when he was learning how to be delicate with biting me.

I have a scar on the bridge of my nose, and a bluish tint. It is from my brother throwing a wooden block at my nose. The edge sliced it open.

My heart bares countless scars. Mainly from my deceased love and the fact he is no longer able to speak or physically be with me. Mentally he is still here with me. I love him greatly and always will. More than anything.

My mind has a lot of scars as well. Losing my grand father..was a great loss. I still have a teddy bear from him. I lost him at three years old but i still loved him greatly. I loved him more than any other family member. Losing my fiancé was the next. But i survive and move on, i cope for i will never truly move on from losing my fiancé.

Caitlinsmith1636 Caitlinsmith1636
18-21, F
Feb 3, 2013