Right Through My Forehead!

     When I was five years old I was mauled by my family dog.  I actually had two dogs at the time and one was pregnant by the other.  I was only five so I didn't understand all the dynamics of pregnant dogs but I did know that he (future dad)shouldn't have been chasing her(future momma) around the yard.  So I stood up from the sandbox and yelled at him to stop and threw a little plastic bucket at him.  Big mistake!  He turned around and jumped on me.  I didn't even feel that he bit me.  I just felt something wet running down my face.  When I touched my face and saw the blood I started screaming and running.  The dog had already run off(guess he knew he was in big trouble). This was about fifteen years ago and I can still visualize it like it were yesterday.  All the way to the house I was screaming every curse word I could think of, which was a considerable amount for a 5 yr old.   I had to have it sewn up at my family doctors office cuz the hospital took so long to see me that my mother couldn't wait.  The towel was saturated, and she was afraid I was gonna die.  The doctor closed me up good but left this nasty knotted scar right through my forehead.  What really sucked was that I coudn't have reconstructive surgery on it til I was 12.  They said I had to stop growing first. It's still there but hardly as noticable as it used to be.  Sometimes I can even forget it's there.  Which is a blessing for me. 

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What happened to the dog after it bit you?

You really shouldnt have been playing in the same area as a pair of dogs and especially the other one being pregnant as the male would have been very protective of her but thats too late now your parents probaly didnt realise the raw nature of canines, im glad youve had your scar treated and hope it didnt put you off dogs but i wouldnt be suprised if it did.

Hi hairylady, sorry to hear what happened to you at such a young age. What kind of reconstructive surgery did you get, and from where? I'm from Calgary, Alberta, Canada and I have a large scar on my forehead from a car accident that occurred when I was 4 years old. I went to a few plastic surgeons in Calgary, but all of them said they would not be able to make the scar any less noticeable. <br />
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I jumped on my dogs tail by accident when I was four. The startled god turned around with his mouth open and his tooth caught under my eye. The scar is small but it's still there.

when i three i leaned down to pet a jack russel dog but he jumped up and bit me just under me eye. And i got my picture taken the day after too!

Ouuuuch, good thing you got reconstructive surgery, it is nice to forget about it but always nice to have a story to tell, you survived you are a-ok now so show it off, don't be afraid! What kind of dog was it?

If I were your mother - I would tear that dog apart limb by limb! (Granted, I would have never left you alone with the dog in the first place because I dont trust animals. I have been bitten myself.)

I had a similar experience at six. I was luckily able to have the reconstructive surgery then. My right cheek got pulled back completely and some tissue was missing. I'm sixteen now and I'm so thankful that I forget my scar is there. Some days I hate it, but some I think it's a fun asset to my looks. I'll bet yours is too!

A five yearold child should not be left alone with any animal for they are unpredictable regardless if they have not showen any aggression in the past. I don't know what your perants were thinking but it looks like you came out of it fairly good considering. I shudder to think what could have happened to you. You survived this bad exsperience now place that in your memory banks and carry on , you can live with it , alot worse has happened to others count yourself lucky and don't dwel on it.

I have to say I really did not get the impression that HL's dog was vicious at all. In fact i think it is obvious the problem lay in the placing of a five year old in a play area of two dogs, one a pregnant dam one an expectant sire. I know that dogs do not intend to harmpeople they regard as family, it is just evolutionary-impossibility for the pack species to deliberately injure it's own. Dogs are often surprised by the delicateness of human (esp face) skin. A simple dog-language muzzle-hold/pin-down can injure a human and totally surprise the dog. I'm relieved to hear you are much better now!:) What happens in the next chapter of this HL??