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Scars Bring Character...

Scars Bring Character... It's what i was always told...All of my scars have their own story behind them, some make me feel like an idiot, some make me thankful that i have them... I have scars that range back from when i was a toddler...

When I was younger, you could say i was a bit clumsy.. I was still learning how to walk when i was younger, my mom set me down next to the door and i ended up fallin over and crackin my head open on the door step, have a scar that lines up with my right eyebrow, needed stitches everything... a lil bit later while i was tryin to walk again, i ended up topplin over and crackin my head open on the coffee table, left eyebrow this time.. again needing stitches. I was quite clumsy.

I was over at my uncles house a while back, maybe 5 or 6yrs old.. I decided to be brave and swing on the swing set without arms..well once again, im stupid. lol. I end up flying off the swing and crackin my head open on the wood surrounding the swingset, right eybrow again more vertical tho this time. ....... For everyones info.. i still have both eyebrows, they do grow back! lol u can also see the lines tho where i had stitches 3 times..

Moving on... I worked at McDonalds for two year, boxing frys... I was grabbin for a fry and my wrist ended up hittin the heat lamp, i did that 3 times that day... looked like i had a "T O" on my right wrist...

Cuttin up cardboard boxes, i learned not to use a steaknife... ended up missing the box completely sliced right below my thumb, needed 3 stitches...

Right wrist again.. cookin at home, hit the oven rack nasty burn..

Last, for now, I was in a major car wreck the day after thanksgiving in 06'. Had two open wounds right below my left knee.. needed stitches.. With these two scars, im happy to have them instead of losing my life....

Im sure i'll have plenty more scars in the near future... like i said they bring character... and im not afraid to show them

iGotMine8 iGotMine8 18-21, F 5 Responses Jul 16, 2007

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Respect! :)

Who ever said the character bit was full of it !!!

i have nothing to hide with my scars, and honestly, i dun think body armor would help much

I have a full helm with a bar grill front I can loan ya...

LMAO at Emerald's comment...but seriously hun, you might want to look into that.

You might want to invest in full iron body armor! =}