I Wish I Could Love Wearing Dresses.

I love dressing up and adore knee length skirts/dresses, but I now find that I have to get make up or opaque nylons to wear the things that I want to comfortably. While going through a rough patch in my life I developed some sores on all over my legs (starting below my knees). They left me with scars all over which are pretty light, but I dread them. They just look like uneven skin tone I suppose, but to me they look like spots. I want laser treatment but know I cannot afford it anytime soon. I also have a medium size scar on my left knee from an accident which only adds to the leg issues, though the spots are what bugs me most.
MimiCatastrophe MimiCatastrophe
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4 Responses Jul 16, 2007

Have you tried Mederma? It's OTC and I've heard it works well at reducing scars, stretch marks and blemishes.

Hey, try rubbing on some vitamin E. It's worked wonders.

You may have scars, blemishes, but what about the shape of your legs? Are you happy with that? And your legs speak only a little of you as a person. Try asking yourself what you do like about your legs, not what you don't.

I understand how you feel ! <br />
My legs are covered in scars... when I try to wear dresses my friends ask me awkward questions and strangers stare. <br />
However I've given up being ashamed... its gotten me no where so far. <br />
<br />
We just have to be more confident with our bodies... its the only one we got.