The Unforgettable Scar

Ok  in my last story here... i happened to forget to mention my unforgettable scar.. don't ask me how i forgot it, it almost is the best story yet.. well enough with the small talk...

ok it was last april, i was turning 16, and at the time i knew this guy Nick, and i happened to like him. I finally got the courage to ask him out and he agreed, so we went to a movie.

Well... we were at the movie theatre pretty early and decided to go to the toy store for a bit. After that we checked back in at the movie theatre and he realized he needed to stop at a ATM machine.. SOOOO...

on our way back to his car, he decided to race me for some reason, so i went with it... well lets jus say i made it about 5 feet and no farther. I ended up tripping over my own feet, because a shoe of mine half fell off. I went down nose first. Yes, nose first, it caught my fall.

My hands were all scratched up but when i got up, i realized i was actually dripping blood, thats when i realized my nose was bleeding... Nick, quickly rushed over to me and held my nose as he helped me in the car and went to a gas station, he then held my nose and got me into the bathroom to clean up. He was so sweet...

well after cleanin up it still hurt like a ***** and was all purple and i realized i had some gravel stuck in it... i thought i broke it, but nick looked it over and said i didn't. So we finally got to the movie, purple nose and all and we had a great time...we went and saw Ice Age 2. Sat up in the back row, DID NOTHING... jus watched the movie. I had fun.

If only that could have went farther... but he was turnin 21... i jus turned 16.. lol didn't work... he was sweet tho. most other guy friends i kno would have laughed their ***** off and jus left me alone with a bloody nose...


so yes now i have a small mark on my nose, its the unforgettable one along with the two on my leg

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7 Responses Jul 18, 2007

Aw, this was cute and he did sound like a good guy. :)

thanks! : )

that's cool. wow. you love him that much and only 8 months. he must be a terrific guy. hope you 2 have lots of fun and he brings you all the happiness you deserve.

i jus realized that actually about a week ago... i realized i love him like i never thought i could and really want to spend the rest of my life with him..

Good 4 u!!!! Do u thing you'd like to marry him someday?

actually no.. haven't talked to him since.. but i found the man of my dreams... going out now for over 8 months

OOH sounded like a gr8 guy, maybe someday...