A Lot of Stiches

I had a hideous gash on my left leg just below my knee when I was about 14. I screamed so loud that the neighbors heard me when it happened. I tried to get on my bike. Chain fell off. I fell off. My leg fell on the bolt in the middle of the tire holing the spokes together. When I pulled my leg off I could see to the bone. OUCH. I was in shock. So I felt nothing at the time.

At the ER the doctor stitching me up let my little brother help cut the stitches. He loved that.

So now I have this horrible scar on my leg and I hate when someone touches it because I can't feel anything. So of course my best friend always does when she sees it. :)

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4 Responses Jul 20, 2007

I like to remove my own stitches. Weird, huh?

I know how you feel about the scar. I have three scars across the end of my torso. My grand daughter was allowed to help take care of me and she got to help cut the stitches when it came time to remove them. I had over 180 stitches, so she had a lot to cut out. It was weird to see her helping do that.

Pretty gruesome -- can't believe the doctor let your brother help out =0