Carpet Knife + Knee = Bad Slice

After Hurricane Andrew came through the New Orleans area way back when, I was helping pull carpet out of some of the flooded homes and the carpet knife slipped and sliced open my leg just above the knee.  Now, it's just a puffy white scar.
NihonjinRXS NihonjinRXS
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6 Responses Aug 3, 2007

Sorry that happened to you but glad that it healed. I have scars that remind me of past events as well. The scars on our bodies are like a road map of our experiences.

Nah, no permanent damage. But it left a nice scar to remember the event by.

Owch....well, at lest it didn't go too deep and do serious/perminat damage, right?

gahhh!! that definitely doesn't sound like fun. glad it's all healed up!

ouch!!!!! u poor thing!!!! EPErica is right, at least it has healed.

Ooo just reading that made me flinch. At least it's healed now!