Bike Wreck

When I was 10, I learned to ride my bike. Not well but I was able to ride it without falling. When one day, I decited to ride my bike down to my friends house (who was just 6 houses down from me) and I wasnt suppose to go without my parents watching me but, I did. Anyways, my tennis shoes were untied and i didn't notice. When i was almost there, my strings got caught in the chain. Somehow, i don't remember, but my leg also got caught. I layed in the road for a while, in a huge amount of pain. Later on about almost an hour, my neibors saw me and carried me inside there house. I was still awake but not crying. After getting fixed up, I now have a huge scare going down my leg from where the chain had caught. It surves me a reminder of what happened that day.

mylife101 mylife101
18-21, F
Feb 12, 2009