2 Main Scars

hiya ppl

i have got alot of scars but the main 2 are on both my wrists and these are from when i tried to kill my self as i put bobbles around them in the summer of 2006 to see what would happen.  after the summer i looked at them and realised that the bobble actually cut into my skin unfortunatly one of my friends noticed something was wrong and took me to the school nurse so in the end i got sent to hospital.  At the hospital the doctor told me that if i had left the bobbles on for another week i would have been dead as they were cutting into my main vains, so i had to have surgery to remove them and clean out the bacteria that had started to grow.

im not ashamed of these scars as i know what will happen to me this time with the bobbles on my wrist as i have been so close before and so im going to make it happen this time wih them~its a slow and painful process but i think its worth it if it allows me to die

sorry about all this but i just needed to get it out in the open with out my family knowing about it and also my closest ever friend.

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1 Response Feb 13, 2009

what is a bobble?