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I have a 1/2 inch scar on my face, right under my lower lip.   When I was four years old, I was watching the Japanese superhero show Ultraman, a flying robot...and decided I'd fly too.  And flew right into the corner of the coffee table, which punctured my lip.  I now have a big "Y" under it.

However, I have a lot of real estate on my lips in general and a slight pout on my lower lip from damage in the accident - which hides the scar unless I bite my lower lip.


My arms have several light scars from animals over the years, but I'm very fair-skinned and they're not visible much unless you're looking for them.


My left knee has a big scar from falling on a hand mirror than was in my Mom's purse...it broke and went right through my skin.  The flesh was significantly hanging open but not bleeding mubh, but because I was so afraid of going to the hospital for stitches (see scar #1), My mom and Aunt Judy put a butterfly bandage on it.  In retrospect it was a mistake, the flesh was too far apart to heal well.

I have a scar on my wrist from putting my hand through a glass door.  Accidentally.  Lucky to be alive.

But I like all my scars.  They all tell stories, to me, of not specific events but larger snapshots in time and place....

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Thank you, katfather. Not for the slap, for the compliment. :)

Thank you so much for those scars. You're a beautiful woman and it gives dirty old men like me an excuse to an extra long look at you... Never mind, I'll do it for you..'SLAP!" Ow!<br />
But so worth it..<br />
I used to watch ultra man too, but I would always bother my Mom asking questions everytime I watched it , like "Ultra man always becomes a giant when he appears.. what does he do when the bad guy is the size of a normal human and he hides in a building, like a hospitial?" I was smart as a kid.. which meant I was a pain in the *** (oh yeah, that was another question "What does Ultraman do when he has to go to the bathroom? How does he do it with out everyone seeing?" Yep, my mom hated that show..)

Ultraman was tha coolest EVER!!! OMG!!! Woot! Yer KEWL!! LOLZ

Yay!!! So few people remember Ultraman! It was my favorite...for some reason I remember the scene where the guy who signalled Ultraman with that little remote control thing was eating spaghetti and held up his fork instead of the rc...to my 4 yr old mind that was the funniest thing in the world!

I remember Ultraman! I loved that show, but I didn't get any scars from watching it! Be proud of your scar, it shows you were an imaginative and magic believing kid! I have no interesting visible scars. Darn it.