I Fell On Concrete and Cut My Leg Open

When I was a kid my mother and stepfather were buiding a new floor for the back verandah over a period of weeks.  There was a temporay piece of wood in place when they were not working on it. One Sunday morning they moved this plank away from the back door.  I had just got up and was going to the toilet that was on the back verandah.  Not knowing the wood was taken away I fell and gashed my shin.  I could see the bone and had just under 40 stitches.  I have always felt they were careless not blocking the door or making it a bit more obvious it was a worksite.  The scar is about 15cm long and 4cm wide at one point.  There is not much flesh on a shin to make a neat scar. 

cactis cactis
Feb 15, 2009