My Scar From a Pillow Fight

i have a scar on my forehead about the size of peanut. and a scar on my cheek to my chin .when me and my two older brothers were having a pillow fight a couple years back, they both gained up on me and i couldn't hit them with my pillow cause they were soo much taller than me. then i got mad and started to walk up the stairs. then my brother spun around and his pillow hit me in the back of the head knocking me off my feet. then my head hit the corner of a stair and smached open. then when i rolled down the stairs my jaw smashed into a nother stair breaking it. there was blood everywhere and my bottom jaw was only connected to my head on one side.

wheresmyplace12 wheresmyplace12
18-21, F
Feb 15, 2009