I've Got Plenty!!

I have a lot of scars....

Physical scars, emotional scars, spiritual scars......

I have one on my left leg from rollar blading down a hill and fell on a piece of tar in the road.

A very faint one is on my right arm from when I burned myself getting a pizza out of my friend's oven

One on my foot from when a bowl of ice cream dropped unexpectedly

Most of my scars are....well, not physical, though.

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1 Response Feb 19, 2009

Many of us have scars, I have many as well, But the physical scars are ones that saved my life. I do not look at them as ugly, as I once did, but they are miracles that saved my life, operations that I had to go through to be here today. I also have emotional scars and those scars will never go away, but they are the scars that make you what you are. Stronger.