Plastic Surgery Was a Bad Mistake

Vanity took over and i thought getting a tummy tuck and a breast lift would be a good idea.  I knew there would be scars but i didnt realize how it would emotionally affect me.  I got married after my surgery and I just can't let my poor husband see me nake ever.  I am a lights out girl.  I want to be naked in front of him but i cant even look at myself.  He says he wont care but I worry he is just saying that or that he wont be attracted to me.  I have tried the laser but the scars are still there.  They are flat but still very noticeable.  How can I build up the confidence to fully give myself to my husband?

cleanjellybean cleanjellybean
31-35, F
1 Response Feb 20, 2009

It's easy for people to say it's ok and that your scars don't matter. To you they do, and are emotionally upsetting and embarrassing. I know how you feel. I have one too. Not very big, but visible to the world and I have always been hugely embarrassed by it. It might be good for us to chat? I thought it was just me being stupid. It's hard isn't it?