My Scars

 i'v had 3 surgeries altogether. two surgerys were to reduce the look of my scars.

The 1st was just to sew me back togeth and patch me up.  the 2nd was to reduce the scar.  Stretch the skin so it covers the skin graph(sp?) that i had.  The 3rd was to reduce the puffyness of a scar as it was on my elbow.  The 3rd didn't work but i'm not to bothered about that as it is one of my smaller scars.

My plastic surgen was brilliant.  Really knew what she was doing.

My skin graph is on my arm - a big horrible square patch on my upper arm.  whilst workin in a shop, a customer thought it was a spray on plaster!  I wish.  Its been 10yrs and the skins only grown around 1mm. 

My scars don't bother me.  I still wear sleeveless tops all the time.  I supose its because it was due to an accident and i'v relayed the story so many time of how it happened in school.  Kids in school asking "what happened to you" when they saw my bandages or scars.

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1 Response Feb 20, 2009

Your scars don't sound gross or scary, they actually sound pretty cool