3 Scars On My Right Knee

I have three scars on my right knee.

I got the first one when i had 10 years: My friend's little sister had a birthday and I was invited too. We played some game where we needed to run. I stumbled and I fell on an edging sotne, so I cut my knee opened.

I got the sedond year and a half after i got my first one. We were playing chase in the winter. It was very icy, I slipped and hit my knee on the asphalt. I still can't get how I could get a scar through pants on my knee. I just know I have it.

I don't know when I got the third one, but I know that I was in the forest with my father, yunger brother, goldsmith of our town and his wife. they crossed a stream, but I refused to, because I wanted to cross it somewhere else. I ran to that place alone, crossed the stream, started to run, I wanter to go around a large bush. As I ran around the bush, a rock apeared in front of me and I hit it with my right knee. At first there was no blood and I limped a little. At the end my father saw the bloody pants and my limb.

I hope 3 scars on my knee are enough

Klendo Klendo
Feb 25, 2009