I was almost 18 months when I made the mistake of drinking lie.  Unfortunately no one saw me do it, so they figured that the screaming was me just coming down with a stomach bug.  Which made since once I started vomiting.  The lye stayed in my throat for almost 2 weeks until I had to go to the doctor for an ear infection.  While I was there he took a look at my throat and asked why I wasn't in the hospital. 

For the next 2 years I was in an out of the hospital with doctors trying different treatments of trying to dilate my esophogus.  Nothing worked.  Finally they decided to take out the piece of esophogus that could not be saved and replace it with a piece of my colon.  I have a very long scar on my stomach from where they went in, and 2 smaller scars from where the G.I. tube went it. 

It's been almost 25 years and I seem to be doing fine.

Pympton Pympton
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3 Responses Mar 2, 2009

Thanks for sharing your story! You are very lucky to be alive.

Agree so much with Comprehensive's comment. Good on you for sharing your story and even a photo, which many wouldn't dare - it helps make it real, "out there" for you and your readers. True, there are many people much worse off than you (best wishes for the battle you have, Comprehensive2 - not easy) But you've had your battle, I gather before you could remember, and now live with some major scarring - show it and talk about it with pride and gratitude... learn to appreciate and own your story if it's an issue.

A scar. You're alive. Fortunately you didn't get a worse injury or even death as a result of your accident. What I am saying is to appreciate that all you have is a scar. There are so many people who are worse physical shape than they want to be. The tree man. The faceless man. The girl without a face. There are a multitude of examples. Birth defects, health problems. I'd consider myself in good health and doing fine although I have a terminal illness, am legally blind in one eye going blind in the other,, have severe arthritis and various other ailments because I know to be thankful that I am as I am and not worse. I have scars from several surgeries and injuries and I don't care. I'm alive.