My friend, was my girlfriend, my best friend, is now moving on, moving forward. She is happy and I am not. I change so much and pray over our relationship so much and look forward to leaving great footprints in the sand. I love her so much but it just feels like she is taking a piece of my heart and life with her. Is that right? Am I supposed t feel like that? I am looking over me, my personality, and looking into my character, the way that other's see me. I am listing these things and working on everyday, expelling these traits. My outer me is like everywhere. My secrets are with her. What can I do about that when my heart is with here and I can't move to someone else with a heart that is being strung like a harp of her song? I had a good day at work, henceforth, before work, we talked and I had to build up the confidence to tell her how I feel as I feel like not only see is taking my heart, but is making a mistake. I don't know what to do. I guess I can only try and do my best at moving forward and if I love her and she comes back or returns to me, then it's meant. What if it is too late? ... I am ready to take another step. Love is a hard tough difficult action when everything on you hurts and is in pain..
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I personally think when a piece of the heart gets torn out you should try and find a way to grow it back only larger with more feeling. Always be willing to give a piece of your heart for what could be. I do it so I don't become jaded or cynical towards anyone

interesting. I see how that can be forthgrowing. When you say "always be willing to give a piece of your heart for what could be", I'm taking that it doesn't necessarily have to be to "someone".. I am working on an organization and completing my education. Could it be I could or should give my heart as a larger piece to these area since it is something that I feel is much more important that another's happiness?

I think if you have a passion for someone or something it deserves all of your heart in time. You will naturally protect your heart. Just don't go in blind because you may need to pull back from time to time to adjust your plans and or feelings. Be completely open with yourself and everyone/ everything you care about

sweet.. I'm open, I believe I fly blind sometimes.. i'm like rambo in woods... just go lol i will let your advice sink in and marinate.. my education, business, and work deserves all my heart and time.. thanks.

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