Scar From Tattoo Removal

It all started w/my ex-boyfriend rolling through town and wanted to know if I wanted to get a tattoo.  I'm like "sure, why not?"

It was so ugly and dark looking and it just wasn't pretty.  So three years later I have it removed..not by lasers mind you, but they cut it out of my back..sounds worse than what it is bu it left me probably w/a 3-4 inch scar on my back.  It's right where my bra strap sits--kinda my shoulder blade area.

I would much rather have the scar than the ugly tattoo, but it's been 7 yrs and the scar is still kinda red in places, other areas have faded to white. If i put makeup it obviously looks better and my long hair kinda covers it as well.   I am very embarrassed by my scar. 

I would love to wear a backless dress or a pretty classy halter top but don't because even w/makeup in plain daylight you can tell that  it's a scar covered w/makeup. I love my shoulders and upper arms but really don't show them off because of my scar.  The only time I have ever  been in a cute little backless top was at a country bar, it was so dark in there and my long hair covered it so no one really saw anyway!  But to go to Walmart during the way!

When God made my he also decided to make my back covered w/moles, so lets just say I do not have a pretty back...I would give ANYTHING to have nothing on my back!


IceCreamDream IceCreamDream
31-35, F
Mar 4, 2009