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    When i was young kid i guess around 3 or 4 i went to my aunts house, Her huge dog that was a mix of two breeds(dont know which ones) was outside with me, i guess i went to pet her tail & she whipped around and bit me under my right eye, My mom said when she saw the whole right side of that area was hanging on by a thin piece of skin. I had surgery of course to fix it up, & now my right eye is lazy. I wear bi-focal contacts which amazignly allign my eye back to normal. I am 13 years old. & the scar is still there, I often find myself slaving over trying to cover it up with concelar & other make-up & of course it doesnt work. I hate having it & it makes me look like i have a circle under my eye. & of course being in middle school i always get made fun of. People like to call me ScarFace. It makes me feel ugly, & i feel like its the first thing people see when they look at me. Well i hate makeing myself look like the VICTIM! & please leave words of inspiration, Im not feeling to good lately. thankkk you :) <3333333

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2 Responses Mar 8, 2009

It will fade some with time, dont get it in the sun, eat flaxseed oil, keep your skin healthy. Remember, there are people out there that find scars really sexy. People that make fun of you just have nothing worthwhile to do. If you did not have the scar, someone would make fun of you for something else. The older you get, people start behaving better. We all got made fun of for something in school. This too shall pass.

dude make fun of them. i got scars so what people make fun of me i make them stop.