Haha, I Was Accident Prone. ^^"

Hm...I think the first time I got stitches was when I was around three when I hit my head on a sharp corner of a coffee table. Blood all over my face, not fun. Plus my right eyebrow has a scar there and the hair didn't all grow back, there's a teeny tiny patch of skin showing but you can't notice because of the way I pluck them, so they look normal. ^^"
I also got bit by a dog when I was little and had to get stitches on my leg, and I have two bite mark shaped scars there. o.O I don't remember exactly when this happened.
Then there was the time when me and my older brother were playing out in the field near our house a long time ago and there was glass everywhere so he picked up some of the larger pieces and put them in the garbage. Being the stupid kid I was I wanted to help but sliced my finger open instead and ran home crying, and had to get four stitches there... That was the last time I got stitches, I sure hope it doesn't have to happen again. ^^" I don't want any more scars.
Samaya Samaya
18-21, F
Aug 16, 2007