Crappy Scar

Ok, I have several scars, most of which are sport related.. but I have an bad looking scar on my wrist. See, one day I reached in the oven to grab a pan and I hit the metal rack, well it left a scar that was a straight line across my wrist.. right where you would "cut" yourself. So, its an obvious scar but people always assume that I tried to kill myself. 1. It makes me annoyed that people will directly ask me if I tried to kill myself. 2. When I tell them no, its from an oven, they don't believe me. 3. Why would you just go up to a random person and ask if you tried to kill yourself? I personally would never do that and if someone did, I don't want to bring up harsh memories for them.   But, I guess I will have to deal with this scar and the questions that go with it haha... and since mederma did not reduce the appearance of the scar I guess I REALLY will have to deal with it :)

queenmarie65 queenmarie65
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 16, 2009

ha! I love it! That was a clever remark.. I keep trying to think of funny remarks to tell people when they ask but I just don't know.