The Day My Entire Life Path Changed

Okay I have a scar. When I was 16 I got into a car accident. I had only had my license 9 days. I hit a patch of ice and lost control of my car and hit a tree going 60mph. Like an idiot I wasn't wearing my seatbelt. I know what you're thinking and don't worry the tree was fine. I however broke my neck, as well as numerous other injuries. The thing is I was a punk teenager and I definitely wasn't going down the right path. I had also spent a lot of my teenage years depressed and suicidal. After the accident I spent months in the hospital and for most of that time I did quite a bit of soul searching. Even though at the time I was not only suffering from physical injuries but also a broken heart. I started to realize that I didn't want to die. I got my S*&T together and ended up in a much better place. My relationship with my family also changed dramatically and we've all come to appreciate each other so much more. I have several scars from the accident including a beauty that runs down the back of my neck and is about 10 inches long and inch or so across. I also have another one on my hip from where they took out bone to fuse into my neck. As crappy as that day was was the best thing that ever happened to me. You don't realize how precious your life is until you almost lose it.

KatMcD KatMcD
1 Response Mar 18, 2009

Thanks for sharing your inspirational story! Glad, that you learned so much but wish that you hadn't had to go through all that physical and emotional pain.