Stoopid Ducks

I used to cut myself as a younger teenager.

Though I do have a scar that comes with a funny story.  When I was 3, I was feeding the ducks and one bit my finger!!! I have a scar from it..since then....ducks scare me. Such a horrible childhood trauma :P

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When I was four, my father forced me to ride on the back of a bike while he pedaled. I begged him not to make me, but he told me to "man-up!" and get on. So, we rode down the street and my shoes were untied. One of the strings caught in the chain and it pulled my foot between it and chain guard. It proceeded to chew through my shoe and into my ankle. Haha, I was crying, but my Dad didn't stop because he thought I was scared. I still have a huge scar that runs all the way down my ankle to my foot.

HAHA, yup, I am 18, and still scared of ducks :P

My oldest son was chased by the visiting geese at the park one time when he was 3ish, he hasn't forgotten it to this day. He's petrified of them still and he's 19 now.