Diaphramatic Hernia Scar

As a 6 week old baby I had a rare condition, a right sided Diaphramatic Hernia. While I am so blessed to be alive & very grateful to the doctors who saved me, I have had a scar on my upper abdomen a couple inches under my right breast for my whole life. 

I haven't ever been a fan of this scar, but I dislike it even more now. I am a primarily small person with an petite athletic build, & the scar prevents me from getting the skin above it & below tight because they cut through my abdominal wall.

It's interesting to find a group like this.

There is also a smaller scar from the tube they inserted into the side of my body. The whole thing makes me feel so horrible & it is also quite uncomfortable to deal with. The skin pushes & sometimes gives me a hard time breathing...

Just looking for people who understand as I haven't ever met anyone else with such a problem.

diaphramchic diaphramchic
1 Response Mar 24, 2009

Many of us have a hard time with our scars, especially those from events in our infancy, as we had no real part and often little or no understanding of the need or background to it. I've found that several things helped me - making contact with others with the same or similar stories, finding out about the surgery, researching and understanding the issues around surgery in infancy, and publishing our story as you have done - it puts our trauma and story "out there" and helps take away the false shame feelings. The kind of hernia you had is a very big thing and the surgery not without risks, even today, so it's great you're here to write about it. Thanks for sharing!