You Have to Shave For Sutures

So, my husband and I got into one of our disagreements. He stormed outta the house and into his truck and I opened the fridge and grabbed the artichoke dip. He left and I found the chips. He pulled back into the driveway and I realized that I had consumed half of the dip with only 2 chips!! Completely embarrassed by my gluttonous moment I shoved the dip back into the fridge, threw the chips back in the cabinet and ran downstairs to escape the half empty container and any judgement that would have come. I figured I had best jump the last few stairs to ensure my safety when I was stopped abruptly midair by the ceiling overhang. My husband walked in, saw me in a fetal position on the floor  and kept going. He initially thought I was crying over our fight but of course when he rationalized - and these are his words- that I am a Texan and would never cry because a man upset me he came running down the stairs. When asked if I was ok of course I stood up and said "yes!" Well, I was soaked with blood from the huge tear in my scalp and had the damn chip clip in my hand..... numerous staples later he was the one crying....awwww, he felt bad. Anyway, people, they have to shave for sutures so I opted for staples- he would have really cried if his wife would have had to run around with half of her head shaved! It's a great scar.

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1 Response Mar 25, 2009

I kind of feel bad for laughing at this story because you were injured.. but I know you're ok and the wording of this was wonderful! I hope the scar isn't too bad, but honestly it A. sounded like something I would do.... word for word, right down to the artichoke dip and the midair collision with the landing... and B when you mentioned the part about a texan not crying because a man upset her... I've known several texan women and they are FAR more likely to make the man cry than to cry themselves lol. so, sorry for laughing and it sounds like the scar wasn't too bad, and I don't blame you for not wanting to shave your head.