Tear Drop Scar

As a very active child I was constantly hurting myself.   Trips to the emergency room were not uncommon in my family.   Some are on my face.  The one that bothered me the most was a slice near my left eye.   when I was a teenager, I would try to cover it. 

I pretty much forgot about it until I read these experiences.   Now it's just evidence of an active life and I kinda think it's cool.     

I had minor surgery on my ear and the doctor told me he could fix my eye scar.   I told him I was fine with it.    It's who I am. 

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I am reading some interesting posts. I have a scar that I hate. In fact I was a tomboy when I was younger and I got this scar when I was 9. Many years later unfortunately I still cannot accept it. It is on my leg and I wear pants everyday. I love trying on skirts and dresses but I rarely go out in them. I hate what I have become because of it. And it has also affected my relationships. Sad.

I envy you guys. You are proud of your scars. In my case, I'm not and I am very ashamed of them. I cannot accept them and I find ways to get rid of them.

I understand that you would not want to remove that scar - it's part of who you are and it tells a story about you! :)

Thanks latona.

that's awesome, i have over 300 scars all over my body, amny are still visible form over 10 yrs ago

My daughter had a very bad scar from an oil burn when she was making her own soap. She was so proud of it and said she would tell the story of it to her children. She was 16 at the time. Ten years later, it has faded so much, it is barely visible and she is actually sorry that it has faded.

thank you Wayfarer!

Thanks JP. I wish i was as accepting of my other flaws as I am of that scar!

Good on you! Our scars are very much part of us and our stories, and sometimes of our very survival.