The Scars That Will Never Fade Away.

On my entire body I probably have more than 20 scars. Scars that range from surgery to scars from experiances and moments that I wish to forget.

The surgical ones don't bother me as much. But, the self inflicted ones, those are the ones that make me cringe. I wish I could say that that period of my life was over but it's an on going emotional battle.


XylphonesOnKey XylphonesOnKey
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1 Response Jun 16, 2009

I use to cut myself and have many scars as well. This isn't going to go away over night. I had to find some outlets for myself instead of cutting. If I felt like cutting I would go run or beat on a punching bag or even draw. Whenever I feel like cutting I try to do something else instead. It was really hard but it got easier as time went on. Now when I look at my scars...yes, I remember why I have them and am not proud of them but they represent a hard hard time in my life that I got past and that reminds me that for that reason of overcoming that time in my life I am a better, stronger person. Hang in there.