A Scar? More Like Many...but Here Goes.

I am accident prone and a little clumsy..just call me grace :)

I have a scar under my left eye that I got in my childhood when my graceful nature kicked in and I fell flat on my face at school. Yeah..that's the way to attract the boys :)

One on the back on my head that I got when I flipped a chair backwards and landed on a chainsaw..I was at a shop with my dad....hardware store..and I sat down...bored..and well you can imagine the rest.

One on my thumb that I got while trying to help my mom cook about 6 years ago....I missed the potato and got my thumb instead.

Let's see, my elbow, knee, and side of my head from a dirt bike crash (RIP my good friend) when I realized that street tires don't work well on fresh gravel. It fell on me and dragged me down the road. How fun. Gotta love the wet to dry bandages and MRI's.

My c-section scar because I cannot deliver (very badly tilted uterus and small birthcanal)

My ankle where I had something thrown at me (long story) and it caught my foot and opened my ankle up.

The rest have been self inflicted from burnings or cuttings.


Hey wait..does brandings count?

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I have a large scar on my forehead, very noticeable, and another one over my lip from a car accident when I was 12 years old. I've had 3 boyfriends since I was allowed to start dating when I was 15 and no one has ever called me beautiful. I understand how you feel completely.

I have so many scares on my body it's like I have been in a knife fight ..all around my left eye .so close but kept my eye 4 operations on my left wrist . track lines from my dialysis needles and a scare on my belly that is about 12 inches long from my transplant..but each one has been a part of my life like the rings on a tree they all tell a story.. so many more I didn't mention too lol

LMFAO!!! I know right!

scars...i don't have that many. just a few due to being an idiot and playing with my dog. you have so many, i really have no right to talk of my own. lol. take it easy and... stay away from those chainsaws.

A human canvas...I like that.

niceee scars are like a story in themselves.<br />
ive got one on the top of my head from a cracked skull<br />
2 at the back of my head from getting bottled<br />
1 on the bridge of my nose<br />
and like 10 other scattered over my body<br />
im a bit of a canvas

Wow.......that was deep hon..I like it. *hugs*

I have scars on my face from acne...I have finally healed myself from the damage they caused me on the exterior...I was once asked "tell me how your scars make you feel?" and I replied "you know when you bring home a brand new piece of furniture and it is flawless, and then you get one scratch, and then another, and the next thing you know it's damaged" the reply...."That one piece, of what you call damaged furniture, has a history, and the scratches makes it what it is and cherish it. Some people go looking for that one piece of furniture bypassing the flawless piece" <br />
<br />
That hit home for me, and from that moment on, i realized, the scars on my face are part of who I am, they are part of my history which makes me...me. Embrace who you are, no matter what you see on the outside, it's what's on the inside that counts. <br />
<br />
Happy New Year!

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