A Few...

The first one was a little chicken pox on my stomach... I was drying off from a shower and didn't know what it was... I've had that tiny little circle on my stomach for about 15 years now lol.


The next one was when I was in 3rd grade at recess.  All different grades would have recess at the same time, including the big 6th graders.  The teachers started blowing the whistles for everyone to stop playing, and line up to come inside.  I started going towards the line when before I know it I'm on the ground opening my eyes.  Apparently the 6th grade boys didn't feel they needed to stop playing football after the whistles were blown around very small children, and one of them knocked me on my face.  I was cut right on the end of my left eyebrow and had to get stitches.  I have a scar there.. but my eyebrow covers it so only really the woman that does my eyebrows knows about it lol.  The kid that bumped into me got screamed at by the principal.. and I'm in the next room in the nurse's office crying my eyes out waiting for my mom to come take me to the hospital.  His mother didn't even apologize or offer to pay for my medical bill.

The other one was from playing laser tag and falling on a ramp and getting a HUUUUUUGE rug burn on top of my right hand haha.  So now I have a circle on my hand from that.


UnderneathThaStarz UnderneathThaStarz
Nov 1, 2009