What Are You Doing There, Little Scar? Are You Lost?

I only have one scar on my entire body... hard to believe, I know. It's this tiny scar in the shape of a P on the palm of my right hand. I do not remember how I got it - I hit the ground with my hands too many times to even keep track! I didn't really notice this until my friends were talking about people who cut themselves and scars. They each had lots of scars to share (yippee!) and I looked around for minutes trying to find just one. Then my friend says "Hey, isn't that a scar? On your hand?" I examine my hand, and sure enough, it's a scar! I throw my hand up and yell happily "Yay! I have a scar!" Needless to say, people were kind of weirded out lol.
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3 Responses Nov 1, 2007

hey, a couple of times i really hoped something would leave a scar, so i understand totally why ya felt that way... and i do have a couple that i don't seem to remember acquiring...

Lol thank you! It's kinda weird, because my two first best friends' names began with the letter P!...Hmm.

lol it's always the best thing to have a scar but hey if it made u happy then yay<br />
<br />
a scar in the shape of a P is kinda cool tho